2024.05.13 15:00

⭐ Events Lineup 5/15~

⭐ Events Lineup 5/15~

Thank you for supporting ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!’

New events are starting from 5/15 (UTC+0) as follows:

Event: “Who Will Get the Chocolate?!”

(UTC+0) 2024/05/15 08:00 ~ 2024/05/24 07:59
When you play a live show with songs other than the event song during the event period, you can obtain ‘Miracle Stars’ and event points based on your live show score.

New UR [Open Wide!] Ayumu Uehara as reward!

Spotlight Scout~Maidens Locked in Love~

(UTC+0) 2024/05/15 08:00 ~ 2024/05/24 07:59
Introducing the limited new members:
UR [Some Help from Ophelia] Shizuku Osaka
UR [Experiments in Chocolate] Karin Asaka

Normal Scouting

(UTC+0) 2024/05/15 08:00 ~ 2024/05/31 05:59
Includes R rarity above members! Guaranteed at least one SR rarity or above member for scout x10!