2024.05.10 15:00

Special Scouting

Special Scouting

Thank you for supporting ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!’

(UTC+0) 2024/5/11 8:00 ~ 2024/5/15 7:59

When new members from the “Special Scouting” are scouted and idolized a special chat will be unlocked!

You can use 2000 paid Love Gems to perform “10x scouts” only once during the period!
You can also perform “1x scout” for 150 Love Gems only once a day!

Featuring members in this Scouting:

UR [Spring Astronomical Observation] Maki Nishikino  Smile
UR [Re-photographed at a Memorable Place] You Watanabe  Pure
UR [Two of are Heroes☆] Shizuku Osaka  Cool
UR [Tokyo French Fries] Kinako Sakurakoji  Cool
and many more!