2024.05.01 09:00

🎵🎵 Events Lineup 5/1~

🎵🎵 Events Lineup 5/1~

Thank you for supporting ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!’

New events are starting from 5/1 (UTC+0) as follows:

Big Thanks! Let’s Syan-syan till the End Campaign

(UTC+0) 2024/05/01 00:00 ~ 2024/05/31 05:59
GET up to 3,000 Love Gems! Complete the Campaign Goal, and get rewards such as “Gold”, “Memorial Piece”, “Skip Ticket”, “LP Candy (Small)”, “Normal Scouting Ticket”, and more!

School idol festival 2 All Story Unlocked!

(UTC+0) 2024/05/01 00:00 ~ 2024/05/31 05:59
Access all of the stories and the “Daily Life of the School Idols”, Enjoy the stories of the school idols to the fullest!

School idol festival 2 Great gratitude Scouting

(UTC+0) 2024/05/01 00:00 ~ 2024/05/31 05:59
Scouting will be held for each group!
µ’s Only
Aqours Only
Nijigasaki Only
Liella! Only
You can use the ’10x Scouting ticket (School idol festival 2 Great gratitude Scouting)’ that you get from the “School idol festival 2 Great gratitude Login Bonus” to scout for the “School idol festival 2 Great gratitude Scouting”!

Colorful Spring Campaign!

(UTC+0) 2024/05/01 00:00 ~ 2024/05/16 23:59
GET up to 3000 Memorial Pieces! Complete the campaign goals, and get “Skip Tickets”, “Lesson Notebook (L)” and “Skill Notebook (M)”.