2024.05.06 15:00

Rerun UR Guaranteed! Special Scout!

Rerun UR Guaranteed! Special Scout!

Thank you for supporting ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!’

(UTC+0) 2024/5/07 8:00 ~ 2024/5/20 7:59

Guarantees a UR member!!
This scouting can be performed for 3000 paid Love Gems!

When you scout, you will earn “Scout Points [Special Scout]” as a bonus! The “Scout Points [Special Scout]” can be used in the Item Exchange to recruit UR members in the special scouting!

Members appearing in this Scouting:

UR [A Very µ’s Christmas] Umi Sonoda Pure
UR [Flower Park] Hanamaru Kunikida Cool
UR [Band of Volunteers] Setsuna Yuki Cool
UR [After Party] Chisato Arashi Smile
and many more!