2024.03.14 15:00

⭐ Events Lineup 3/15~

⭐ Events Lineup 3/15~

Thank you for supporting ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!’

New events are starting from 3/15 (UTC+0) as follows:

Event: Christmas Parties Are Always the Best!

(UTC+0) 2024/3/15 08:00 ~ 2024/3/25 07:59
You can earn “Event Stories” and “Event Point Rewards” based on the event points you acquire, as well as participate in the rankings. After the event ends, you will be able to receive rewards based on your ranking.

New UR appearing in this Event

Spotlight Scouting~Merry Christmas! Everyone!~

(UTC+0) 2024/3/15 8:00 ~ 2024/3/25 7:59
Introducing the limited new members:
UR [µ’s Christmas] Umi Sonoda Pure
UR [Preparing the Feast] Nico Yazawa Pure

Normal Scouting

(UTC+0) 2024/03/15 08:00 ~ 2024/03/30 07:59
Includes R rarity above members! Guaranteed at least one SR rarity or above member for scout x10!

Rerun Global Launch SP. Scouting Set1

(UTC+0) 2024/03/17 08:00 ~ 2024/03/31 07:59
R or above can be scouted in『Rerun Global Launch SP. Scouting Set1』!
At least 1 SR or above is guaranteed when you perform a Scout 10!