2022.09.25 18:02

Development Announcement!

Development Announcement!

SIF Series Thanksgiving Festival 2022 Development Announcement!
“LOVE LIVE! School Idol Festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!” CONFIRMED in DEVELOPMENT had been announced in the SIF Series Thanksgiving Festival 2022 Closing Ceremony & Announcements on September 25, 2022 (Sun) JST at Bellesalle Akihabara!

●Teaser key visual & Video! First release!
µ’s Honoka Kosaka, Aqours Chika Takami, Nijigasaki School Idol Club Ayumu Uehara, and Liella! Kanon Shibuya, running toward the stage is beautifully illustrated in the Teaser Key Visual!

●All songs from the Love Live! Series are playable!
All songs from the Love Live! Series are playable in SIF2!
Syan-syan ♪ your most favorite song!
※Some solo tracks and remix tracks are excluded.

●4 groups with their OWN STORY will be available!
μ’sAqoursNijigasaki School Idol ClubLiella! are going to have their OWN STORY!
Looking forward to seeing how the girls will be doing in SIF2.

●The illustration from SIF2! First look!
The SIF2 Card illustrates
Honoka Kosaka、Kotori Minami、and Umi Sonoda enjoy watching Sakura together, it is so heart-warming~

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