2024.01.13 22:00

📢 Giveaway Campaign 📢

📢 Giveaway Campaign 📢

Update 1/31: Big thanks for joining our giveaway! 🌟 The winners have been chosen, and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way! 🎉

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The game is set to launch soon, we encourage you not to sit back idly. Share your enthusiastic thoughts about SIF2 GL, and don’t forget to share this news with your friends!

We’ll select 3 lucky winners to receive exclusive Love Live! stickers directly from Japan!

Things to Note:

  • All decisions made by staffs of LLSIF2 regarding disputes, game outcomes, rewards, disqualifications, and any other matters related to the game are final.
  • The event period and content are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please make sure your social media profile messaging settings allow for direct messages, so we can contact you directly.

We hope you continue to support Love Live! School idol festival 2 MIRACLE LIVE!

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